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How to Make Bias Tape from Any Fabric Tutorial

What is bias tape? Generally speaking, it's a narrow, bordering fabric that encloses raw edges of various sewing projects. Quilts, needle books, and pot holders to name a few--I made this tutorial months ago when I finished my Cinderella Mini Quilt featuring my newly released Glass Slipper Embroidery Pattern.

With the surge in need for medical face masks during the novel coronavirus outbreak--bias tape is an easy answer to comfortable mask strings during an elastic shortage!
This super simple sewing staple can be made from any fabric that irons well to give life and character to your projects.
You'll need: 2 inch-wide strips of fabrica hot ironclothespins or cardboard scraps (to store your bias tape)Fold your strip in half and iron.

Unfold it, and fold the outside edges to the center crease you just made.
Iron each side. Then fold the two inward-facing halves together.
Wrap them around an old clothespin, cardboard strip, or other object tightly, and pin it in place until you need to u…

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