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How to Embroider Hair (and Make it Curly!)

If you enjoy embroidering--you've no doubt seen 3D hair popping from a 2D stitched design. Learn how to embroider realistic-looking hair (including curly embroidered hair) with this free pattern download and video tutorial! This art style is so fun with a gorgeous result!
My first several times using the hair technique, I was embroidering animals, but when I joined Folktale Week on Instagram this year, I really struggled with the last day's prompt: Crown.
So many folktales feature royalty!
From Cinderella to Sleeping Beauty, Snow White to Peau Dans--many, many kings and princesses, Queens and Dukes.
I wanted to create something a little less defined, so I thought about creating a textile "Queen Bee" after the Grimm's tale featuring the same name--unfortunately my limited working hours meant that design kept getting pushed, and I needed to make something less time-consuming.
After poring over books and internet fables, I knew I wanted something that resembled the elvis…

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