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How My Son's Autism Diagnosis Led to My Own

**I'm taking a little break from writing about sewing today, since it is "Autistic Pride Day!" This article was originally published on my former blog and was also published on Scary Mommy. I've referenced my son and myself being on the spectrum in previous posts, so decided to repost this article for those who'd like to read our story! 

Current autism research in little girls is greatly limited. Separating the sexes in diagnostics and research is a burgeoning new field, meaning that current estimates of autism affecting 4:1 boys to girls, respectively, may be grossly out of date. After my son’s diagnosis, I began fiercely researching anything I could find about it, and have learned that I, myself, am autistic.

 This past summer, my son was diagnosed with autism. I knew he was different from the moment he was born, but every time I saw him do something “quirky,” I would tell myself (and everyone else), “Oh, that’s normal, he’s just like me. I did that.”

 He was the …
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Beginner Sewing Tutorial: Hamster Tent

Make this adorable doll or hamster sized tent from soft wool felt with my free pattern PDF download and practice your hand stitching! A fun sewing project for kids, teens, and adults!
A few months ago, my craft room hamster, Gus Gus, decided that his 2-story condo wasn't quite big enough and was trying to chew his way into a hammy heist! Thankfully, I already had plans to expand his home in the works and he was upgraded to a 5,000 ㎠ hamster haven. With this new space, he received some new toys and hidey-holes, one of which was a small wool felt tent.
***This post contains affiliate links. Any purchases made from clicking on these links will help support this blog by providing a tiny commission for every purchase (at no extra cost to you). I always recommend products that I have personally tried or plan to try. All opinions remain my own. Thank you! 
A great little tutorial to practice blanket stitches, this round retreat is also fitting for Miss Marie Mouse! She is enjoying her tent …

How to Make a Mug Rug

Recently I have been utterly devoured by the hexie bug. Serenaded by the EPP siren. Stolen from the land of tiny doll making and pouch profusery by the slow stitchery that is the mischievous quilting fairy. 

Joining in some English paper-piecing parties this late spring has cleared my creative palette, and I'm so excited to finish this quilted mug rug tutorial with you! This is a 3-part series involving learning beginner English paper-piecing techniques. You can find part one here and part two here.

With the dawn of summer's warm temperatures and children's loosened schedules, my preoccupation has been containing the mess of teaching a 3 and 5 year old to bake, garden, light candles, and other life lessons.

The call of motherhood has torn me away from my happy sewing place, but just as the quilting siren has given me creative rest, so too the end of the school year is giving me time with my oldest before he is a full-time kindergartner this coming fall.

Posts and products will…

How to Sew Hexies Together

Welcome to the second installment of my hexie mug rug tutorial! If you’re new to quilting or English paper piecing this is a great tutorial for you. You can find the first part of the tutorial on “How to Make Hexies” here. Otherwise, let’s get down to the tutorial!
Again, this will be a video tutorial. You’ll need 7 Hexies from the last tutorial, hand quilting thread or embroidery floss, and embroidery needles.
***This post contains affiliate links. Any purchases made from clicking on these links will help support this blog by providing a tiny commission for every purchase (at no extra cost to you). I always recommend products that I have personally tried or plan to try. All opinions remain my own. Thank you!
You can find the tutorial for making the little tin sewing kit here, the pattern for making your own Cinderella Satchel here, and magnetic needle minders here.
As I said in my last tutorial, I have a few places I like getting fabric. For this tutorial, I’m using some lovelyLittle Red…

Beginner Quilting: How to Make a Hexie

If you follow any other sewing blogs or have been stalking the sewing community of Instagram, you may have seen some adorable designs made from hexagonal tiles of fabric. These are known as hexies in the quilting word and they are absolutely addictive to make! 

 I’ve been working on my first ever hexie project featuring 4 hexie “flowers” to go in the corners of a mini quilt, centering around my Cinderella Glass Slipper Embroidery Pattern. They have been sew fun to make—especially while joining the #sipteaandepp party on Insta! 

For those who don’t know “epp” stands for “English paper piecing.” This quilting technique involves cutting and sewing blocks and tiles of fabric around small paper (or more modernly, acrylic) tiles to create exact edges in quilting together shaped designs. 

It’s a fun technique and very relaxing, since it’s repetitive, small, and can be taken anywhere (I’m going to plug right here, that my Cinderella Satchels are perfect for carrying a small sewing kit, precut fa…

Tiny Homage to Notre Dame from the BEST Embroidery and Cross Stitch Book

Oh. My. Goodness. Reviews dedicated to a single product are not something I do on the norm—and no I didn’t receive this book for free. I bought it fair and square and loved it SO much, that I just had to share it with you!
I’m guilty of not buying many crafting, nor sewing books—individual patterns? Absolutely! So many wonderful artists and fellow small business owners on social media give me the chance to create adorable things, but most sewing and crafting books have only a handful or projects or patterns I like—and lets face it—fabric choice plays a huge roll in whether I spend hard-earned money on these products.
As someone who sews every day and has for years, I only have 5? No 6 crafting books in my arsenal.
Well, now I have 7!
I came across “A Rainbow of Stitches: Embroidery and Cross-Stitch Basics Plus More Than 1,000 Motifs and 80 Project Ideas” at a local bookstore and could NOT put it down. Minimal wording featuring almost exclusively patterns and pictures for both cross stitch…