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Miniature Needle-Felted Bunny in a Walnut

Make your own miniature needle-felted bunny that fits inside a walnut with this easy video tutorial! Loving tiny things and furry friends, sometimes it's easier to needle-felt the super small creatures over sewing them, so with my "Christmas Critter Sew-a-Long" happening on Instagram soon, I thought I'd add this little gem. By far my most popular YouTube video, I'll hopefully get back to making videos after the new year!
This tutorial is beginner-friendly, though if you are brand-new to needle-felting, it may be a good idea to make one on a larger scale first (maybe 1:4 scale?), as working in "dollhouse miniature" (1:12 scale) can result in some stabbed fingers if you are unpracticed. Feel free to comment with any questions! 

Around October, my dad and step-mom came to visit us, and upon seeing my Little Bird Terrarium Necklace I have listed in my Etsy shop, she exclaimed, "Will you make me a little animal for Christmas!?"

 When I asked what…

Finger Family "Feelings" FREE PDF Sewing Pattern

Make these easy hand sewn Feeling Finger Family Puppets for cute stocking stuffer toys or use them as visual aids to help your autistic children express and communicate their emotions.

If you have a child between the ages of two and six with access to YouTube, I’m sure you’ve heard about 732 different versions of the “finger family” song. Some are vocalized while omnipresent hands open toy packages, others involve animal-centric puppets, animated family fingers, or little cake ball puppets.
A few months ago, both of my boys got SUPER into all of these videos. So much so, that my oldest son dug out their sock bin, and ran around the house for days singing “finger family” with his socks draped over his fingers like puppets!
At that point, I decided to make some puppets for him that also communicate his most frequently used emotions. He is autistic, and although we communicate with a core communication board, I thought the puppets would be a more fun way for him to carry around these vi…

Meet Miss Marie Mouse, Her Walnut Pouch, and the Christmas Critter Sew Along!

My new Miss Marie Felt Mouse Pattern is the perfect way to get your Christmas Critter sewing fires sparking! Learn what inspired her and details about the Christmas Critter Sew-a-Long below!

I have a confession to make: I am simultaneously the oldest soul and the smallest child you have ever met wrapped into one person. Maybe we all feel like this as we emerge from early adulthood, after finding our “adulting” footing, buy a house, and have children ourselves?
This much is certain, I LOVE toys.
They don’t come to life like they did when I was 6, but the nostalgia and love of crafting them for my own children is enough to keep me enamored with such magical possessions. Is there really anything more enchanting than a handmade toy?
A tiny felt mouse?
A child-sized teapot?
An entire paper doll set made from a few stacks of sticky notes?
They come to life and represent the enormity of imagination. They are there to comfort and help us through trauma, nightmares, and change.
They never ask …