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How to Sew a Leaf Embroidery Stitch

Learn how to do my version of a leaf stitch that is majorly featured in my newest Cinderella Glass Slipper Embroidery pattern! Keep reading for tips and a video tutorial on my YouTube channel!

Hello my pretties! Have I been a busy little bee these last few weeks! After posting my free tiny doll skirt pattern, I've been putting the finishing touches on my newest pattern: Cinderella's Glass slipper

My version of the faceted glass shoe featured in my favorite live-action Disney movie to date, I wanted to recreate a similar look with a faceted crystal shoe that reflects light like the Swarovski wonder the actual props are!

After sketching the slipper, I tried deciding between words or doodles or something to frame the shoe. Cinderella very much enjoys the outdoors, and finds refuge in nature. She's often with her animals, in her garden, and of course the pumpkin patch offers her the means to attend the King's Royal Ball! This served as inspiration for the framework around t…

How to Make a Tiny Doll Skirt

This free teeny doll skirt pattern fits my Miss Marie Mouse Pattern perfectly, but would also work for many other small dolls. It’s scrappy, sweet, and takes about 6.3 minutes to make (seriously).
So how was your holiday season? We began by celebrating Yule (the winter solstice) with an evening of candlelight all over our house and making homemade, natural ornaments from cinnamon, oranges, cloves, applesauce, and twigs! ***This post may contain affiliate links.  Any purchases made from clicking on these links will help support this blog by providing a tiny commission for every purchase (at no extra cost to you). I always recommend products that I have personally tried or plan to try. All opinions remain my own. Thank you!

Later that night, my husband and I sat under the very bright, almost full moon, spending some much needed time alone in each others’ presence. After that, we spent several days leading up to Christmas Day visiting family, baking, watching Christmas movies, and enjoying …

How to Sew a Coin Purse (The Easy Way)

My husband dropped the bomb on me today that Christmas is less than three weeks away. Currently, I’m knee-deep in patterns, projects, newly sculpted sewing pin designs, blog post updates, a possible big feature of the jewelry I make, and probably an existential crisis has worked it's way into my daytime hours too.

Did you break a sweat reading that, because I did writing it!
That being said, I’m also halfway through about 19,000 homemade gifts, and thought I’d offer a few gift ideas for you too! In addition to the multitude of baked and kitchen goods I’ll be working on, I have a lot of dry skin hand salves, perfume lockets, Victorian Walnuts, cardinal ornaments, and baby mice in walnut sleeping bags to make for adults and kids alike.

This little handbag tutorial is easier than it looks, because I’ve combined the structural interfacing with the interior fabric in the form of wool felt. Felt is stiff enough to give the bag shape and soft enough to act as the interior fabric, saving tim…