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How to Sew a Leaf Embroidery Stitch

Learn how to do my version of a leaf stitch that is majorly featured in my newest Cinderella Glass Slipper Embroidery pattern! Keep reading for tips and a video tutorial on my YouTube channel!

Learn how to do a leaf embroidery stitch for all of your botanical embroidery and needle point projects! Also get a look at my brand new Cinderella inspired glass slipper embroidery pattern featuring this pretty stitch. Includes video tutorial of leaf stitch. #embroidery #sewing #sewingtutorial #sewingpattern #videotutorial #DIY #crafting #textile #needlepoint

Hello my pretties! Have I been a busy little bee these last few weeks! After posting my free tiny doll skirt pattern, I've been putting the finishing touches on my newest pattern: Cinderella's Glass slipper

My version of the faceted glass shoe featured in my favorite live-action Disney movie to date, I wanted to recreate a similar look with a faceted crystal shoe that reflects light like the Swarovski wonder the actual props are!

Photo Courtesy of  Disney

After sketching the slipper, I tried deciding between words or doodles or something to frame the shoe. Cinderella very much enjoys the outdoors, and finds refuge in nature. She's often with her animals, in her garden, and of course the pumpkin patch offers her the means to attend the King's Royal Ball! This served as inspiration for the framework around the slipper.

This pattern features pumpkin leaves, blossoms, and vines, a wagon wheel rose, and rosemary--an herb often associated with protection, remembrance, love, and loyalty--perfect for Cinderella's story. Finally, the butterfly is a symbol of transformation that is a running visual theme throughout Disney's live-action Cinderella..

If you haven't seen my "Have Courage and Be Kind" post and pattern, discussing the movie further, you can find it here.

As far as my leaf stitch goes, it's a little more bohemian than traditional leaf stitches. I like free-hand embroidery, zentangle embroidery, and shabby piecing together of fabric and textiles. A little free spirit, a little Mother Nature, and a whole 'lotta girly describes my personal style. 

This stitch is meant to create texture of real plants, so it doesn't have to be perfect! If you're a beginner, don't worry about doing it "right." Do it your way with a little guiding hand from my video below. If you have and questions, feel free to comment them below and I'll get back to you 😊 

If you make any of my patterns, I'd love to see your handiwork! Be sure to tag me on Instagram @cinderellasews, post to my Facebook page, or add a tried it photo to Pinterest


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