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Very Hungry Caterpillar Free Sewing Pattern

I’m sew excited to share this pattern and tutorial with you today! Inspired by Eric Carle’s classic picture book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” this little felt play set is perfect for older kids to learn to sew and for younger kids to learn about the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly! 

 My two boys are totally obsessed with “CATERPILLAR BUTTERFWWWHHYYY” at the moment. The oldest likes crawling around like an inch worm and over-feeding his caterpillar in the tablet app of the same name. 

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My youngest spins himself into a cocoon and pops open as a new butterfly about 632 times a day. With the spring equinox and Easter coming soon, I wanted to make them a little cocoon pouch that t…

Costume Fan Holder and Hip Pouch Tutorial

Whether you’re going to the renaissance faire, comicon, a Victorian street festival, or need to spruce up a Halloween costume, these DIY hip pouches and fan holder are cute, useful, and easy to make!

The first weekend of every December, there is a Victorian Christmas festival held in our local historical district called “Dickens on the Strand.” Since most of my state was frontier land until after WWI, the rare Victorian architecture is celebrated and historical societies work hard to preserve it. 
This festival celebrates the time of Charles Dickens as both a fundraiser, and a way to keep people interested in history. Festival attendees dress up, there are street vendors, bagpipe bands, parades, and plenty of historical impersonators. 
“The Queen” whom I’m assuming is probably the historical society’s president, always has her guards following her, she rides a lovely carriage in both the Queen’s parade and the lamplight night parade.
My oldest son even got to meet her!
She was walkin…