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How to Make a Mug Rug

Recently I have been utterly devoured by the hexie bug. Serenaded by the EPP siren. Stolen from the land of tiny doll making and pouch profusery by the slow stitchery that is the mischievous quilting fairy. 

Joining in some English paper-piecing parties this late spring has cleared my creative palette, and I'm so excited to finish this quilted mug rug tutorial with you! This is a 3-part series involving learning beginner English paper-piecing techniques. You can find part one here and part two here.

With the dawn of summer's warm temperatures and children's loosened schedules, my preoccupation has been containing the mess of teaching a 3 and 5 year old to bake, garden, light candles, and other life lessons.

The call of motherhood has torn me away from my happy sewing place, but just as the quilting siren has given me creative rest, so too the end of the school year is giving me time with my oldest before he is a full-time kindergartner this coming fall.

Posts and products will…

How to Sew Hexies Together

Welcome to the second installment of my hexie mug rug tutorial! If you’re new to quilting or English paper piecing this is a great tutorial for you. You can find the first part of the tutorial on “How to Make Hexies” here. Otherwise, let’s get down to the tutorial!
Again, this will be a video tutorial. You’ll need 7 Hexies from the last tutorial, hand quilting thread or embroidery floss, and embroidery needles.
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You can find the tutorial for making the little tin sewing kit here, the pattern for making your own Cinderella Satchel here, and magnetic needle minders here.
As I said in my last tutorial, I have a few places I like getting fabric. For this tutorial, I’m using some lovelyLittle Red…