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How to Sew Hexies Together

How to sew hexies together - beginner quilting and English paper piecing tutorial! Learn how to make hexie flowers for a hexie mug rug in this beginner sewing series. Easy video tutorial and free pattern! #sewing #epp #englishpaperpiecing #quilting #sewingpattern #handsewing

Welcome to the second installment of my hexie mug rug tutorial! If you’re new to quilting or English paper piecing this is a great tutorial for you. You can find the first part of the tutorial on “How to Make Hexies” here. Otherwise, let’s get down to the tutorial!

Again, this will be a video tutorial. You’ll need 7 Hexies from the last tutorial, hand quilting thread or embroidery floss, and embroidery needles.

How to sew hexies together - beginner quilting and English paper piecing tutorial! Learn how to make hexie flowers for a hexie mug rug in this beginner sewing series. Easy video tutorial and free pattern! #sewing #epp #englishpaperpiecing #quilting #sewingpattern #handsewing
***This post contains affiliate links. Any purchases made from clicking on these links will help support this blog by providing a tiny commission for every purchase (at no extra cost to you). I always recommend products that I have personally tried or plan to try. All opinions remain my own. Thank you!

You can find the tutorial for making the little tin sewing kit here, the pattern for making your own Cinderella Satchel here, and magnetic needle minders here.

As I said in my last tutorial, I have a few places I like getting fabric. For this tutorial, I’m using some lovely Little Red in The Woods fabric from Riley Blake Designs in this tutorial. 

I tend toward vintage or Parisian pastel prints or woodland and fairy tale fabrics (if you haven’t figured that out yet 😂). I find fabric from other Etsy sellers, Instagram buddies,Modes4U (they have Japanese kawaii fabrics, fairytale, children’s, and a lot of other designs that are hard to find in craft stores and with this link you get international free shipping with certain purchases), and Connecting Threads (which features quilting collections and more traditional prints).  

Next week, we’ll appliqué your finished hexie flower onto your mug rug! 

If the embedded video isn’t working, you can click here  to open your device’s YouTube app. 

I hope the tutorial helps you in your quilting journey! Do you prefer video or written tutorials? Feel free to follow along with this tutorial series by signing up for my almost-semi-consistent newsletter or following me on Instagram @cinderellasews



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