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Dear Baby Blanket

I recently cleaned out my boys' closets and was totally arrested in my progress by coming across their baby blankets, so in honor of the wonderful keepsake that is the baby blanket, I wrote this little piece to help me process. I hope you can relate if your babies are growing up and it offers you a pang of recognition.
Mama’s Heart StringsI sit here rummaging through toddler clothes, too small, too stained, being tossed into neglected piles bound for dish rags or to be donated to other children. Coming across you is different.
Your soft threads and dingy color do nothing but force me to bury my face in your familiar comfort. The sweet scent…is it there?
Yes. The unmistakable baby smell lingers as softly as catching honeysuckle on a breeze.
Maybe it’s not really there, but in this case, ignorance truly is bliss, and I am swept into a thousand memories.
I received you at my first baby shower, when I was still  me, before my heart was cleaved into two more beings. When my worries and exhau…

Fabric Mushrooms and Sassy Stem Stitch

In addition to making some super sweet fabric mushrooms lately (the pattern is finally available here!), I've just posted a new video about how to do the Stem Stitch (your best friend for embroidering in cursive and doodly accents).

I can't help myself when choosing a quote to decorate my craft room or grace the front of zipper pouches--I like'em sassy! Or funny. Or ultra-sugary sweet--there is nothing in between, haha!

If you missed my "War Paint" make up bag (which features the stem stitch), you can find the free tutorial and pattern here.

But I'm getting ahead of myself, the MOST important and exciting thing I've been toiling away doing the last few weeks (besides last-minute summer travels and readying my 5 year old for Kindergarten) has been perfecting and photographing my Enchanted Mushrooms Pattern!

There is something about mushrooms--never mind they are symbols of, and oftentimes, harbingers of decay--I find them absolutely gorgeous.

Their struct…