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Doll Scarf and Brooch Tutorial - Plus a Miss Tulip Sewing Pattern Update!

I'm super excited to announce this Miss Tulip Doll Pattern update involving these mouse ears and feminine facial embroidery! Lately, I've really been thinking about developing new patterns and accessory tutorials for my dolls, and as such, I wanted to add this super simple addition to Miss Tulip and show you how to make a little doll scarf and brooch!

I have a thing for mice--and bunnies--and hamsters--and anything tiny and cute and fluffy.

It's an obsession at this point.

Some people are dog or cat or fish people--not me. Although I love all animals--even the ones I don't want to touch (reptiles, anyone?)--I am a rodent person (technically rabbits, hares, and pikas are lagomorphs, but you get the picture).

I have had chinchillas, hamsters, bunnies, quail, chickens, dogs, and cats. The former three are my favorite.

That being said, I wanted to add mouse ears to the tutorial, because frankly, I'm in the mood to make them, and it just so happens that a few tweaks turns Mi…