Hydrating Hand Salve DIY Recipe and Yultide Making

Hydrating DIY Hand Salve Remedy - Perfect for makers, parents, teachers, nurses, and anyone else who constantly washes their hands--this hand balm recipe is the perfect gift for yourself or others! Click for the recipe and fun insights into the ingredients #handsalve #naturalbeauty #diy #balm #maker #momlife #naturalremedies #herbalrecipe #herbalremedy

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As any maker will tell you--my hands are my favorite tools. Beyond being how I channel my creativity into something tangible, they care for children, make delicious food, pick me up when I fall down, and generally are the best. They are also pretty abused.

Between the constant washing, cuts and bruises and broken nails--my hands are both strong and gruff. Being a gymnast in my youth means I have been impervious to pain in my hands since I was 6 years old, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't give back to them!

Especially tender during the winter months with drier, colder air, I make a luscious hand salve that re-hydrates them while I sleep and if they get just a little too cracked during the day, provides instant, lasting relief. 

I've been perfecting this recipe for about a decade, y'all. It's serious stuff.

Inside Le Mont-St-Michel I too while studying in France #lemontstmichel #france #fairytale #ethereal #fairytaleaesthetic #castle
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Fresh off the plane from France and their natural beauty ways--I was determined to both find a natural remedy for my acne and just generally seek nature-made remedies where possible.

I'm not a complete and totally crunchy person.

I sometimes forget my reusable grocery bags.

I take antibiotics as prescribed.

I drive a car.

I get my vaccinations on time.

But you know what? When something is nature-made and it works better than conventional products? You bet they have my loyalty!

Such is the case with natural beauty products.

The callouses on my hands from stitching help protect me, but they still need some love.

This hand salve is the only "lotion" I can stand to use, because I hate the texture of most creamy lotions.

This is not creamy.

It is beeswax, plant oils, and a few essential oils---by the way the essential oils aren't essential to the recipe! I know they're expensive! The primary benefits come from the beeswax and other oils. The essential oils simply lend a divine scent and some antibacterial/anti-fungal benefits.

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Anywho---those of my followers who are makers, moms, nurses, teachers, or retail workers will hopefully get some use out of this recipe, because wow--do you wash your hands constantly!

I give this salve as gifts for the Yuletide Season and keep a steady supply for myself, since I use it so often.

Hydrating DIY Hand Salve Remedy - Perfect for makers, parents, teachers, nurses, and anyone else who constantly washes their hands--this hand balm recipe is the perfect gift for yourself or others! Click for the recipe and fun insights into the ingredients #handsalve #naturalbeauty #diy #balm #maker #momlife #naturalremedies #herbalrecipe #herbalremedy

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It's solid enough to create "lotion bars" in the shapes of leaves or hearts or other mold shapes you can find. Then of course--it looks beautiful in a simple jar.

All of these oils and botanicals are chosen for their healing and hydrating properties, and if you want to imbue your salve with the plants' benefits, but don't want to invest in essential oils, you can simply purchase the bulk herbs and infuse your olive oil with a mixture--so let's discuss ingredients!


The perfect emulsifying agent to suspend all of the carrier and essential oils, beeswax acts as a great barrier from moisture. Which means that it doesn’t want to let moisture in or out. Think really thin, leather gloves for your hands. 

Caledula-Infused Olive Oil 

Calendula blossoms have been used for centuries in folk and herbal medicine to speed wound healing and reduce inflammation in the skin. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information

“One of the experiments carried out in 34 patients with venous leg ulcers to determine the therapeutic efficacy of ME on the epithelialization of lower leg venous ulcers revealed significant acceleration of wound healing by producing epithelialization.[25] Research conducted on cream preparations containing seven different types of marigold and rosemary extracts, revealed that such creams are effective in experimentally induced irritant contact dermatitis when tested on healthy human volunteers.” 

Not only is it a good healing accelerant, it’s also good for dermatitis (mild allergic reactions of the skin). For these reasons, I always keep calendula-infused olive oil in my herbal remedy cabinet. Almost all of my homemade body products contain it, and I've been able to grow my year's worth of blossoms myself for the last few years from seed! It's a super easy plant to grow in containers and in the ground. Just snap off the blossoms as soon as they open and leave them to dry on a flat screen or paper towel for a week or two. then store them in a sealed container.

If you’d like to learn how to make your own infused oils, you can find those directions on the Mountain Rose Herbs blog. It is much cheaper to do it yourself, but there is a link to pre-made infused oil in the ingredient list below if you prefer not to make it yourself.

Hydrating DIY Hand Salve Remedy - Perfect for makers, parents, teachers, nurses, and anyone else who constantly washes their hands--this hand balm recipe is the perfect gift for yourself or others! Click for the recipe and fun insights into the ingredients #handsalve #naturalbeauty #diy #balm #maker #momlife #naturalremedies #herbalrecipe #herbalremedy

Shea Butter and Coconut Oil

I don’t use much of these in this preparation, because sometimes it can feel grainy or greasy, but it adds some nice moisture and smells lovely. These can be left out, but I like the extra creaminess they add to the overall salve.

Clove Bud Essential Oil

Clove has been one of the most valuable plant species in medicine and food preservation over the course of our history. It has enormous amounts of antioxidants (which help reduce inflammation and encourage cell regeneration) and has vast, documented antimicrobial properties. You can read more scientific research about this plant here, but rest assured, it’s properties are exactly the kind you want to help heal and protect those cracked, dry hands.

Lavender Essential Oil

Also full of inflammation-reducing compounds, lavender is a wonderful plant with soothing, calming, relaxing properties (for your mind AND skin).

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Excellent for clearing sinuses and banishing mosquitoes, but it is also great for calming dermatitis and leaving a fresh feeling on your skin.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

An enormous weed in my yard, lemongrass is a powerhouse plant filled with documented antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory compounds. All of which are important for healing damaged skin. You can read more about this plant’s properties here.

Before we get to the recipe, please be aware that even though these are “natural” plant-based compounds, they are very strong substances and need to be diluted properly! This recipe is for a little less than a 2% dilution of essential oils. Always do a spot test before applying to large areas or your body. We can still be allergic to plant compounds (my sister is HIGHLY allergic to lavender, poor thing)!

You’ll need:

 Healing Dry Skin Remedy Salve:

1. Add all ingredients, except essential oils to a heat-safe glass container.
2. Heat in hot water and stir until combined and completely liquid.
3. Remove from heat—with heat proof glove or canning tongs!
4. Pour into desired container (I used these Weck Jars and really love the feminine shape of their Tulip Jars)
5. Add essential oils while stirring continuously (a wooden kitchen dowel rod or mini silicone spatula work well).
6. Place lid (unsealed) on the jar to help keep some of the volatile essential oil compounds compressed in the jar.
7. Let cool completely before handling.
8. Spot test before applying to large areas of skin!
9. Enjoy!

I LOVE this salve! It works so well. I always apply it after a shower, washing dishes, or washing my hands too much. It puts the moisture right back in them and seems to help heal any cuts much quicker than if they were left dry.

 I hope this will be a regular addition to your family’s herbal medicine cabinet. This also makes a great gift! I’ve given them to my local farmer, parents, and kids’ teachers, and always receive many thanks in return.

Natural Yultide decorations readying for Christmas with my herbs, crystals, candles, and animal elements #yule #yultide #naturedecor

In other news, I've been decorating with all of the cinnamon pine cones, fairy lights, walnuts, and candles! I've also been making lots of mushroom ornaments! You can find some in my Handmade Shop here or make your own with my sewing pattern here

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What are your favorite winter celebration decorations? Any fun traditions? Are you more mid-century? Victorian? Woodland? Let me know in the comments!


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