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Hi there! Welcome to my little creative corner of the interwebs! This virtual craft room is where I get to share my fangirling, super feminine, old soul of a heart through cotton and wool. 

I began my first blog in 2011 while studying abroad in France. A travel journal that was easier to share with family and friends than emails, the habit of writing was one I couldn’t shake upon my return to the States. 

I dabbled in blogging on and off, but got really serious about it last summer when I began Tiny Bird’s Nest—a mom blog that housed whatever thoughts and tutorials I felt like writing that day! Over the past year, it’s grown into a place where I primarily share how to garden in containers, cook from scratch, and cope with my son and I being autistic in a neurotypical world (we’re even venturing into quail stewardship on our tiny urban lot).

Another audience grew from that blog as well—people who only subscribed for my crafting and sewing tutorials!

Feeling those people could be better served (and I could have the ultimate feminine space—since it’s just me in a house of boys) I decided to move those tutorials to Cinderella Sews and really improve my sewing skills along with teaching others!

Let me say this—I hate using a sewing machine

There! I said! I’m a total fraud who would rather stitch by hand, curled up with an antique porcelain cup of tea, while watching Game of Thrones. 

There is a great deal of relaxation and enjoyment I feel at simply stitching something beautiful. A skill lost to many people my age, a sewing machine, rotary cutter, and other fancy seamstress gadgets can be intimidating—not to mention expensive—so many of these tutorials are all (or can be) stitched by hand with basic techniques and supplies.

I DO use a sewing machine in some of these tutorials—especially for clothes—but it is an inexpensive model without a serger or computerized keypad. 

It is my mission to teach you and offer you patterns that can be made in 30 minutes to a few hours.

Other more advanced skills like: quilting, paper piecing, or needle-felt sculpting, can be found on my YouTube channel. Those skills, I’m learning along with you, and this way you get to see the work in action—which means better learning for you!

Why Cinderella Sews?

The name came to me, not only because Cinderella is my favorite fairy tale and represents the resilience of kindness and human spirit, but also because despite circumstances, Cinderella finds the positive in every situation.

The Queen of Silver Linings, she stands for enjoying the domestic arts and finding happiness in the little things. Something I’m always trying to do, her name seemed to serve as a reminder of such optimism.

Plus, quite frankly, as a stay at home mom who chooses to urban homestead with two boys under 4—I feel grungy and exhausted most days! 

Thankfully, my Prince Charming is funny and thoughtful, and our babies are our happily ever after. This blog is where I get to hum out-of-tune as I stitch the days of our lives together and share them with the world.

Thank you for stopping by! If you would like to collaborate on a social media or affiliate platform, please contact me at:



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