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Hi there! Welcome to my little creative corner of the interwebs! This virtual craft room is where I get to share my fairy tale-loving, super feminine, old soul of a heart through cotton and wool. 

I began my first blog in 2011 while studying abroad in France. A travel journal that was easier to share with family and friends than emails, the habit of writing was one I couldn’t shake upon my return to the States. 

Let Me Escape to a World Unknown 

My earliest memories are of playing in nature. Lying in the grass watching ladybugs, running through clover and getting stung by a bee, eating wild onions that grew next to our fence--all of these memories are truly cherished. My grandmother taught me to sew and make patterns from the age of 6 and I have been doing so since that early time. Homemade dolls, clothes, miniature blankets, and embroidery samplers filled my room during my home-schooled kindergarten year.

When I started public school, not only did I have a difficult time fitting in with peers, I suffered from crippling anxiety and stress related to the classroom. Sometimes bolting from the room was the only thing that kept me from crying or fainting in the loud, busy, seemingly overwhelming situation that was first grade. Silence is still golden in my book. As I grew, I learned to cope in class by immersing myself in books (yes, many fairy tales) and squeezing stress balls, but as soon as I made it home, I shut myself in my room and made something. I pulled out my small hand sewing kit and stitched new clothes for my dolls and toy animals. My few friends were presented with their own chic dolly wardrobes and any school project involving a novel earned my teacher a sewn masterpiece (I once made Templeton from Charlotte's Web out of some pantyhose).
Taking a break from tiny stitching, I bought my first sewing machine when I was 16 with money earned from babysitting over the summer. The old habits came back (sewing took a decided break during the tumultuous middle school years). Soon I was adding patches to jeans, personal binding to old shirts, and running up swim suit covers for friends. These skills came in particular handy for making sports-related shirts! After taking "Fashion Design," as my home economics course, I had fallen head-over-bobbin in love with sewing on a machine for practicality, but resorted to hand sewing when stressed. College was fast-paced and exhausting--often facing 3 jobs and full-time school hours to finish my French degree, sewing tiny things kept me from imploding under the weight of anxiety. Stitching between classes with a coffee in my lap, sitting under a campus tree is one of my most prominent--and favorite--college memories. Being a mother of two small children now, I still have my stitching. Small kits and project bags are always stashed away on high shelves to squeeze in some mesmerizing, calming stitches between being asked for snacks and play time.
Making Enchanted Toadstools, lace-covered quail, and sophisticated garden bunnies to populate our bookcases and become friends with my kids gives me peace and self-care--not to mention unique decor! I like offering cute sewing notions to make your sewing experience the enchanting activity it is for me, and hope my finished critters and printable patterns inspire some creativity and appreciation for handmade art in your life.

Other more advanced skills like: quilting, paper piecing, or needle-felt sculpting, can be found on my YouTube channel. Those skills, I’m learning along with you, and this way you get to see the work in action—which means better learning for you!

Why Cinderella Sews?

The name came to me, not only because Cinderella is my favorite fairy tale and represents the resilience of kindness and human spirit, but also because despite circumstances, Cinderella finds the positive in every situation.

The Queen of Silver Linings, she stands for enjoying the domestic arts and finding happiness in the little things. Something I’m always trying to do, her name seemed to serve as a reminder of such optimism.

Plus, quite frankly, as a stay at home mom who chooses to urban homestead with two boys under 5—I feel grungy and exhausted most days! 

Thankfully, my Prince Charming is funny and thoughtful, and our babies are our happily ever after. This blog is where I get to hum out-of-tune as I stitch the days of our lives together and share them with the world.

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