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Inky Cap Fabric Mushroom Art

Oh how I love inky caps! Coprinopsis atramentaria are a fancy breed of fungus which rise from the earth, and as they "bloom" to release their spores and replicate in their fluffy, white perfection--they look like they are melting into beautiful, thick, black ink.
An uncommon mushroom in my area, doesn't deter my fascination with these little guys! 
I knew once I finished my Enchanted Mushrooms Sewing Pattern (you can find it in my Pattern Shop here) that I wanted to make an inky cap sculpture first!
Completely handmade from upcycled cotton and wool, I also hand-dyed the fabric to give it a more organic look and to mimic the slow inky disintegrated of the real mushroom.
The Czech glass teardrop beads mimic the dripping ink that give this toadstool its magical appearance.

It's perfect for hiding among houseplants, adorning a Halloween mantle, or slipping between dried flowers, this creepy yet beautiful sculpture is a great gift for mushroom enthusiasts and fungus foragers.


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