"War Paint" Make-Up Zipper Pouch Tutorial

This easy zipper pouch tutorial can be made in 15 minutes if you don’t want to embroider the words on the front, but I definitely recommend them! This pattern comes in cursive with the words “War Paint” and a cute, little heart at the top for the ladies who have a little cheeky humor to them 😊 

This is a beginner tutorial containing basic knowledge of a sewing machine and hand sewing (stem stitch). If you are new to hand sewing, this stitch involves stitching halfway up the previous stitch you did to create a “rolled rope” appearance.

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The pouch itself is small enough to fit in most purses. I’m terrible about filling a purse to max capacity, and constantly losing things in the bottom! My plan is to make a few labeled, small pouches to contain the mess and organize my various accouterments.

The idea for making this diy zipper pouch actually came from my mom. She’s always called her makeup “war paint,” (even before this Iliza Shlesinger's hilarious performance)! I’ve since called it that as well, and the juxtaposition of such a “feminine” thing as makeup and pastel fabrics to be associated with the masculine words, this is the perfect gift for a cheeky girlfriend, daughter, or yourself.

This tutorial can be made completely by hand, using a back-stitch to sew the pouch, but I used a sewing machine. I also use a rotary cutter to save time on projects and get the straightest edges, but regular shears work too.

To get started, you’ll need:

"War Paint" 15 Minute Makeup Pouch Method

    After you make your cuts, choose the piece on which to stitch your words copy your pattern onto your fabric by taping both to a bright window and tracing with a pencil, then place it in an oval embroidery hoop. 

    Use a stem stitch to trace your pencil marks and a backstitch for the heart.

    Once your embroidery is finished, pin your zipper between the first two fabrics, right-side in. Make sure the outside fabric is oriented so that, once turned right-side out, it will match the other side. Sew with a back stitch or your sewing machine.

    Repeat with other side, before sewing, open your pinned fabric to make sure the side are properly oriented once turned right-side out. Sew.

    This is what it should look like at this stage.

    Next, unzip the zipper 3/4 of the way and pin all of the edges right-side in.

    Sew all the way around, leaving about a two-inch hole on the INSIDE lining pouch (the side with no embroidery).

    Turn the pouches right side out and use an invisible stitch to close the inside hole. 

    Push the inside lining into the pouch and use the cap of a pen or pencil eraser to push the corners out properly.

    Fill your pouch with pretty things and you’re finished!

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