Stitching Fairy Mice and Rococo Quail

I have a plethora of different things on my work bench at the moment, and even more ideas stuffed inside my head! The forefront of which is tiny doll making. 6 inch mouse dolls of all personalities and a fancy quail tribute to my pet quail, Marie Antoinette, have me excited for spring!

The temperatures are beginning to warm up here. Wood sorrel is springing forth with lovely lilac flowers, my bed of purposely-transplanted wild onions is becoming a thick carpet of yumminess, and our prolific Mulberry tree is full of leaf buds and baby flower blooms. We'll likely have over 1,000 berries from her this spring (not bad, considering I only planted her 4 years ago as a two inch stick in the ground)!

Our two quail hens are beginning to lay on time again. Over the darkest times of winter--even with a heat lamp at night--their laying schedule was 2 AM, 3 PM, skipping a day altogether, or laying two back-to-back!

Yes, I raise backyard quail for eggs. They're quieter, cleaner, and better layers than chickens who don't require nearly as much space, and their eggs taste eggs-actly like chicken eggs. They are my feather babies and should get new siblings this spring!

Inspired by my white quail--Marie Antoinette--I decided to take a break from mouse doll making this week, since I've been turning them out as fast as I can! In the interest of setting up my spring mantle soon, a luxury textile beauty is what I've had in mind to watch over the plants, crystals, candles, and eggs (you know I have a nest project in the works too 😉).

She's shabby, fabulous, and the perfect marriage of rustic and elegant for my taste.

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The mice I've been making for others, on the other hand, have been more painstakingly sewn, and range in style from Girly City Lady, to WWII Farmgirl, to Woodland Fairy, to Traveling Princess. Creating their individual personalities has helped prevent me from getting bored, honestly. The challenge of using thrifted materials, and finding just the right embellishments, give me a thrill that only simple pleasures in life can trigger.

For anyone waiting on doll clothing patterns for Miss Tulip, I'm still working on them. Honestly, people have been much more eager to get their hands on my already finished work, than the patterns to make it themselves, so patterns have taken a little seat back, but they're still being made 😊

In the meantime, I'me excited to work on seasonal crafts and expand my textile collection! What are you working on right now? Would you rather see doll accessory tutorials, seasonal projects, or textile tutorials?



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