Very Hungry Caterpillar Free Sewing Pattern

I’m sew excited to share this pattern and tutorial with you today! Inspired by Eric Carle’s classic picture book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” this little felt play set is perfect for older kids to learn to sew and for younger kids to learn about the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly! 

 My two boys are totally obsessed with “CATERPILLAR BUTTERFWWWHHYYY” at the moment. The oldest likes crawling around like an inch worm and over-feeding his caterpillar in the tablet app of the same name. 

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My youngest spins himself into a cocoon and pops open as a new butterfly about 632 times a day. With the spring equinox and Easter coming soon, I wanted to make them a little cocoon pouch that they could stuff with both the caterpillar and butterfly, then spill out to play. 

 You could make the butterfly wings more decorative before sewing them into their 3D marvelous-ness, but I kept the pattern simple for beginners! 

For your Very Hungry Caterpillar Stuff-and-Spill Set, you’ll need: 

**A note of the felt: most craft stores carry acrylic (plastic) "felt" sheets. You do NOT want to use these. They are difficult to sew and fall apart--not to mention they are made from unsustainable materials! Not good for the planet or the little buggies on it. The above links are to quality wool felt and come in beautiful mottled colors like my example photos 😊

Use the embroidery scissors to cut your felt (for tight corners, make your cuts from the outside, instead of cutting like paper. The corners and small angles will be sharper). 

Use a backstitch (here’s a video tutorial for that) to add your details on the cocoon and caterpillar. 

 To add your caterpillar head, use a blanket stitch (also in the back stitch video) all the way around your caterpillar pieces and layer the head on top of the body. 

I left the inside part of the head unstitched in case the kids wanted to make the caterpillar turn it’s head, but if you want to know how to blanket stitch on top of fabric, you can find that tutorial in my “Sally Softie” post. 

For the cocoon, sew a blanket stitch all the way around it, then cut a slit once finished. This makes sewing easier and neater than trying to cut beforehand. 

To make your butterfly 3D, fold it in half, and use whip stitches (looping around) tightly, then sewing up through the center to hide the knot when you’re finished. 

I used two embroidery thread strands for all of these stitches. Brown for the cocoon, black for details on the caterpillar and butterfly, and green for the caterpillar’s body’s and blanket stitches. 

These would be great to add to Easter baskets or for little ones to piece together from different Easter eggs! 

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