Beginner Needle-Felting Tutorial: DIY Earth Day Dryer Balls

Learn how to make a needle-felted dryer ball that looks like our planet Earth! Plus, seven more eco-friendly activities for Earth Day!

For Earth Day, I was tossing around some eco-friendly craft ideas to do with or without kids. DIY dryer balls that LOOK like Earth, made from renewable wool, and cuts down electrical usage in a dryer seemed like the perfect Earth Day fiber craft!

Dryer balls are 100% wool spheres that are thrown into the dryer with your wet clothes and can cut down drying time by 30-50%! They also help reduce static, and when essential oils are added, make your clothes smell amazing!
Now, it is of course more eco-friendly to unplug your dryer and string up a clothesline or use drying racks, but that can be difficult in areas with deed restrictions and HOAs, so dryer balls are a way to do our parts!
Since living in France, I can't quite shake the habit of hang-drying clothes, but the few times we've used a dryer, I've always made sure to use dryer balls to help offset those heating costs!

Learn how to make a needle-felted dryer ball that looks like our planet Earth! Plus, seven more eco-friendly activities for Earth Day!

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If you’re making this with kids, it’s a great way to usher in a conversation about renewable resources, why they’re important, and even talking about the importance of shopping locally and fair trade practices, as well as, making things yourself.
Since needle-felting is my craft of choice, I decided to make the dryer balls that way, but they can also be made with wool yarn or an old sweater. Needle-felted balls are supposed to last longer and be more effective though, so I definitely recommend making them this way 😊
Plus you get to decorate it! My Earth Dryer Ball is certainly not to scale (Asia is way too small 🤦🏼‍♀️), but you get the idea!
If you’re doing this with kids, I recommend getting a kid’s needle-felting kit. This craft is an excellent stress reliever, because of the amount of concentration required, it’s like meditation—plus you get to stab something! Haha!

I really hope you enjoy the video tutorial (click here to see the needle-felted dryer ball tutorial on YouTube)! Here are some other eco-friendly ideas for Earth Day:
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter
  • Round up clothes that have small holes or torn seems and have a mending day with these cute mending ideas! Clothing in landfills is a becoming a huge problem for our planet!
  • Pick up trash at a local park (these trash and recycling truck toys make it super fun for younger kids)
  • Nature weaving or making bird’s nests with things found around your yard
  • Support local conservatory parks and non-profits
  • Go electricity-free for the night and play board games by candlelight or have dinner around a campfire
  • Make a beneficial insect hotel or hang a bird feeder in your outdoor space

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I hope these ideas open up some fun conversations about protecting our earth and the creatures who live here with us! If you make or grow anything from my tutorials, please tag me on Instagram @cinderellasews! I’d love to see how your projects turn out 💖

Happy felting!


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