Baby Deer Sew a Softie Pattern

Sew this sweet little deer softie to prepare for fall decorating! A few simple stitches and free pattern offers a meaningful and fun afternoon spent with kids!

Is there anything cuter than woodland creatures? Deer frolicking, hedgehogs burrowing, chipmunks and squirrels stashing their treasures, and mushrooms pushing through soft earth like frost-weather flowers decorating the forest floor are all reasons I love autumn!  

Living in the Deep South of the United States means that we don't get to enjoy a proper fall like the rest of the US, but what it does mean is an end to what feels like interminable heat!

Summer is more like winter for us, in that most vegetables won't grow because of the heat, animals are hiding and lazy trying to conserve their cooling capabilities, and the sun is blistering to the point of being dangerous for many skin types--not to mention the threat of tropical hurricanes!

When early October finally begins bringing cooler weather, it's how I imagine most Northerners feel at the onset of spring. A sort of breath of relaxation that life moves on and is more than the extremity of the present dangerous season.

I am a super sucker for all things fall--pumpkin flavored everything, cooler weather, Halloween, my birthday, my first son's birthday, the beginning of nesting and settling before winter holidays, the planting of fall and winter gardens, hunting game, and warm campfires are my favorite things ever!

In my greedy anticipation of the coming cool season, I decided to make a cute little felt deer for my day of Colored Buttons' Sew a Softie Blog Hop!
***This post contains affiliate links. Any purchases made from clicking on these links will help support this blog by providing a tiny commission for every purchase (at no extra cost to you). I always recommend products that I have personally tried or plan to try. All opinions remain my own. Thank you! 

Very few pattern pieces and three hand-stitch types means this project is perfect for anyone learning to sew! You can always add embellishments or extra thread art, but I kept it simple for novices 😊 

Many of these instructions were used in my "Sing Sweet Narwhal" pattern from last year (including two transfer instructions for the pattern you can see here), and I've added quite a few patterns since! Feel free to browse my archives for more fun creations to be made!

For those who haven't joined us before, the premise of the "Sew a Softie" movement is an initiative to put down the electronics and foster some patience and love of hand-sewing. I, personally, love hand-sewing! It's relaxing, beautiful, useful, and fun! My sewing machine regularly gathers dust between projects, because I will hand-sew to oblivion before turning that thing on!

If you are a total beginner--have no fear!! This post (and the other wonderful sewists who contribute free patterns for the movement) is meant to inspire and teach beginners, children, and experienced crafters alike. There are a few stitches to learn that will be super easy in no time (after a little practice) and many of the projects involve non-fraying wool felt--the perfect fabric for beginners!

I definitely recommend using wool felt only for this pattern! It is much sturdier and more durable (not to mention more beautiful and softer) than the acrylic wanna-be felt found at craft stores. I purchase my felt from several sources, namely Joggles and My Felt Lady.

The other supplies are easily found on Amazon or craft stores (I usually opt for Amazon, because 2-day shipping and toddlers). The pattern was hand-drawn by me and does not need to be resized unless desired by you or your child😊

**When you click on the pattern link below, you'll be taken to a download page. The pattern is FREE and will be sent to your email address for downloading and printing. This is a more secure and easier way for you to receive your pattern. This also adds your email address to my newsletter list, but if you would like to opt-out of newsletters, there is always an "unsubscribe" button at the bottom of your emails--although I really hope we can stay friends :)

To Make Your Little Deer, you'll need:

**The hyperlink text of the different stitches below will take you to my YouTube channel where you can see a single video containing all of these stitches and tips for making/hiding knots. It's easier for me to learn those skills by video, so that's how I teach them!

After printing and cutting out your pattern, trace and cut your felt using a pencil or disappearing ink pen and sharp embroidery scissors (they work much better cutting felt than tradition large shears).

Once all pieces have been cut, use a back stitch (2 strands) to add the nose, inner-ear pieces, and white tail (just the bottom of the white tail, we'll use a blanket stitch around the rest to secure it).

Once the appliques have been added, sketch the eyes, mouth, and leg separation lines onto the felt and use a back stitch (2 strands) of brown or black thread to stitch them.

Add two little stitches for the deer's nostrils.

Using the other 4 strands of white thread left over from your back stitching earlier, make some French knots on the back of the deer. I am NOT good at French knots, but the more often I do them, the better they get, so just keep trying! If the knots aren't working for you, simply make some cute X's or use a satin stitch to "fake" a spot.

Once finished, begin sewing the backing onto the top piece with a blanket stitch (2 strands). Once you reach the tail, add some stuffing into the head, using the eraser end of a pencil or a kitchen skewer.
Continue your blanket stitch and stuffing until you've reached the original stitch. 

Pass your needle between your pieces of felt to hide your knot and you're finished!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you'd like to show off your creations, please tag @cinderellasews and @coloredbuttons on Instagram (use the #sewasoftie hashtag, so the whole group can see too) or post a photo to the Pinterest "Tried It" button!

Happy stitching friends,


  1. What a sweet little softie! Reading about your summer heat made me really feel the joy that fall must bring! Thanks for being a part of Sew a Softie again :)

    1. Thank you! Yes, fall is our spring, haha! Thank you for hosting again! It's always so much fun!


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