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Fabric Mushrooms and Sassy Stem Stitch

Sew up these fabric mushrooms for fairy tale inspired decor, Halloween Decor, or Christmas ornaments! Three easy hand stitches means they are perfect for beginners and experienced crafters alike #sewing #mushrooms #dollmaking #softies #plushies #handsewing

In addition to making some super sweet fabric mushrooms lately (the pattern is finally available here!), I've just posted a new video about how to do the Stem Stitch (your best friend for embroidering in cursive and doodly accents).

I can't help myself when choosing a quote to decorate my craft room or grace the front of zipper pouches--I like'em sassy! Or funny. Or ultra-sugary sweet--there is nothing in between, haha!

If you missed my "War Paint" make up bag (which features the stem stitch), you can find the free tutorial and pattern here.

But I'm getting ahead of myself, the MOST important and exciting thing I've been toiling away doing the last few weeks (besides last-minute summer travels and readying my 5 year old for Kindergarten) has been perfecting and photographing my Enchanted Mushrooms Pattern!

There is something about mushrooms--never mind they are symbols of, and oftentimes, harbingers of decay--I find them absolutely gorgeous.

Lace gills enhance this cone mushroom giving textile dimension and enchanted forest feel #enchantedforest #onceuponatime #aliceinwonderland

Their structures and colors and sudden appearance are fascinating! Some have seasons, some don't. Often appearing after heavy rains, meaty white bulbs shoot up to form rings and moon shapes that locals will mow around to avoid the bad luck of destroying "fairy rings."

Others are feathery brown slights of fungi that creep up overnight, dotting our lawns, begging to be kicked into oblivion--this dandelion of death is also wish-worthy!

Unfortunately, in my neck of the woods, we don't have the red capped, white spotted beauties pulled from fairy tale books, but delightfully, I can make my fabric ones any color I want and hide them among my indoor plants! Red caps, pink caps, corduroy stems, woodland pastel gills, blue velvet details, ivory crochet lace gills--possibilities are endless!

Fabric fungi hiding among my house plants! Make your own with my new sewing pattern! #sewing #handsewing #dollmaking #sewing tutorial

I'm particularly excited about using inks and beads to decorate and add detail to some fabric fungi for my Halloween mantle and adding ribbons to make Christmas ornaments.

I know. I know. It's only August. I am an absolute sucker for the holidays and am ready for fall the second 4th of July is over. The heat of summer just doesn't agree with me.

Adding pearl dew drops helped sculpt this fabric toadstool into a unique a-symmetrical shape. Make your own with my new sewing pattern! #mushroom  #sewingproject #sewinginspiration #sewingproject

Speaking of hand stitching, I wanted to also drop the link for the stem stitch tutorial here. It goes right to the YouTube video and if you can get through my verbal instructions, there's some really relaxing music playing in between my ramblings 😅

Sassy stitches are fun! Use the stem stitch in my free video tutorial to learn how sew in cursive #embroidery #crossstitch #embroideryproject #needlepoint

I'm considering adding a few subversive quotes to my pattern arsenal, since that seems to be the most popular conversation starter on my Facebook Sewing Club. Any suggestions? Do you like sassy stitching or are you a more traditional gal? Let me know in the comments!

Happy creating,


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